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Many thanks to the following companies for their valuable support of our voyage:

"New Zealand-based pioneer of pure 100% merino clothing for adventurers and travellers, Icebreaker, offers a complete apparel system from super-fine base layers to wind-proof outerwear. With natural performance benefits of merino, Icebreaker offers soft, next-to-skin performance insulation that keeps wearers warm and dry while not retaining odour, even after continual wear."
"For more than 35 years, Mustang Survival has been committed to providing life support solutions. Through constant innovation and the application of new technologies, Mustang is the leading supplier of quality flotation and hypothermia protection products to the most demanding users – from fishermen, sailors and power boaters to the Coast Guard, jet fighter pilots and even NASA astronauts."
"From canned foods to recycled paper products, from dried foods to toiletries, we offer a wide range of Suma products all embracing our principles of purity and sustainability. We work to promote a healthier and more socially responsible lifestyle by supplying premium quality, ethical, vegetarian and organic products."
"Henri Lloyd believe nothing should compromise the thrill you get from sailing. Not least your clothing. This season sees some of our biggest advances to date – such as soft shell and featherweight racing products and a revolution in ocean and offshore thinking. New performance fabrics, new construction techniques, new stripped-lean fits, new closures and new concepts that will make you think about how you construct the right sailing system. Through the most diverse conditions – heat, cold, wind, wave, passive, active – from coastal calm to ocean storm – whatever type of sailing fuels your passion, we’ve re-examined, re-thought and fine tuned to produce a performance range that delivers above and beyond expectation."
Gary and Kirstin have been wearing Vuarnet Sunglasses for all their sailing and snow adventures for close to 20 years and think they are the best! We would choose nothing else for our voyage!